Forensic Technology

Find the smoking guns and digital evidence in the data

We help our clients identify, secure, search and analyse large and complex data sets in a fast, structured, and efficient manner. We make sure that important data and possible evidence to be used in connection with internal investigations, litigation, and lawsuits, as well as for complying with regulatory requirements from authorities in relation to financial crime, etc. are collected and analysed efficiently and safely. We use the latest technology, and we deliver advanced analytical solutions to our clients – ranging from the largest multinational companies to smaller Danish companies, law firms and public authorities.

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Digital forensics

We help clients identify relevant data sources and find possible traces in computers, on servers, mobile devices, and other data sources. The goal is to examine data and digital media in a forensically sound manner to identify, preserve, restore, analyse, and present relevant facts about, as an example, what suspicious activities have taken place in the organisation, who committed the criminal activities, when did the activities occur and how were they done by the perpetrator.

Discovery services

Using best practice procedures and state-of-the-art technology, we offer fully integrated and global solutions covering a wide range of services from securing, restoring, indexing, and reviewing data to generating and presenting the refined data on a secured online review platform. We work with both unstructured and structured data from e.g., ERP systems, email solutions, instant messaging and chats, audio files, mobile devices, social networks, and cloud solutions. Among other things, we offer the possibility of secure hosting of data in Denmark via the world's leading review and analysis platform Relativity.

Forensic data analytics

We analyse large complex data sets consisting of structured data stored in databases in accounting, inventory, HR and authentication systems or other types of systems which support the organisation's day-to-day operations and work processes. Our analyses are based on our many years of experience in analysing complex data as well as conducting several investigations of financial crime and identifying potentially suspicious activities, behaviours, trends, etc. that can be derived from the analysed data. In this way, critical risks and potentially problematic areas and processes in the organisation can be identified and subsequently handled quickly and efficiently.

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