Integrity due diligence

We help clients from a wide range of industries to manage the risks related to their extensive networks of third-party relationships.

Deloitte’s IDD solutions help clients overcome the hurdles related to the legislative requirement to conduct an appropriate level of due diligence on their key third parties around the world including agents, distributors, key suppliers, employees, investment targets and joint venture partners.

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Increased legislation and regulation, reputational pressures and scrutiny from regulators and law enforcement bodies have meant that companies, which rely on a network of third parties for the success of their business may face the daunting prospect of conducting an appropriate level of background checking of their third parties.

We have extensive experience in helping clients identify and mitigate the potential bribery and corruption risks related to third parties – as well as other operational and reputational issues – through the gathering of independent information (“background checking”, Integrity due diligence, or IDD). We work with our clients to design the most appropriate, efficient, and cost-effective solution, offering a flexible methodology. The various risk-focused tiers of our IDD solution include the use of automated public record screening and monitoring tools, researcher-led information gathering and in-depth consultation with human sources in the relevant industry.

Flexible approach

Rather than presenting a “one size fits all” approach to IDD, we would work with you to deliver a risk-based solution, which takes a proportionate, risk-based, and cost-effective approach to your business needs in various levels from desktop reviews to boots on the ground.


We draw on various technology solutions to reduce the cost and timeframe of conducting IDD, including the use of automated screening for lower risk third parties, as well as automated monitoring, while still underpinning our approach with human analysis and understanding.


We ensure our reports are of the greatest possible use to our clients. This includes always seeking to identify the current status of any issues identified and digging into potential name matches to keep such findings to a minimum.

Extensive network

On those occasions when our IDD work needs to go beyond the public record, we can draw on our wide-reaching network of external (human) sources across a wide range of industries and jurisdictions.

Our experience

We have helped clients from a wide range of industries to manage the risks related to their extensive networks of third-party relationships, and to date we have conducted IDD on entities and individuals around the world.

Our work has included one-off remediation exercises on existing third parties to help bring our clients in line with current anti-bribery guidance, as well as longstanding and ongoing IDD projects helping our clients screen third parties at the outset of new relationships.

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