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Deloitte’s Whistleblower service is an anonymous and independent digital and integrated service that can help reduce the costs and risks of workplace misconduct.

Our team of legal and forensic experts assists in developing, implementing, and managing whistleblowing solutions. We manage all aspects of your whistleblowing solution and help structure reports of importance to your business, saving you time and resources without compromising critical reports.

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Whistleblowing channel

Deloitte creates an online whistleblowing channel where reports can be submitted anonymously and in full confidentiality.

Handling and screening

We handle all reports submitted via the whistleblowing channel end-to-end, facilitate communication with the whistleblower and ensure a smooth and effective follow-up on reports.

Required documents

We assist in the drafting and implementation of required documents for the whistleblowing solution, including the drafting of risk and impact assessments in accordance with the GDPR legislation.


Our experts have extensive experience in conducting specialised investigations, including fraud, corruption, cyber, money laundering and compliance investigations, and provide advice on legal measures, internal processes, and guidelines.

Fast crisis management

If an incoming report causes a crisis or the need of fast support, we can quickly mobilise our specialists (in for example fraud, GDPR, cyber, corruption, IT security or legal) to quickly mitigate the situation effectively and resolutely.

Global and local experts

Deloitte’s extensive global network of experts enables us to establish global whistleblowing solutions with access to localised expertise.

Compliance expertise

We are experts in helping our clients with complex compliance issues and handling regulatory requirements.

Our team is experienced in handling regulatory compliance in the field of whistleblowing in conjunction with the requirements of protection of personal data and data security in general.

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