Future of Work

The Future of Work is about fundamentally different ways of working and creating value as human beings.

Deloitte’s research with MIT and Singapore shows that intelligent technology and disruptive market forces will redefine work itself.

Technology will take over analytical work and leave us to focus on creative work. Disruption regularly will force us completely to rethink strategy and what we want to be working on in the first place.

These regular and radical shifts in strategy require regular and radical shifts in workforce skills and team composition. We will all have to be reschooled over and over again. We will all have to work with different people over and over again.

As jobs become shorter and demand for specific skills more transient, many of us will find work through freelancing or partnering. The classic concept of a career is being undermined by the new nonlinear reality of business and the gig economy and talent ecosystems that proliferate in response.

Welcome to the Future of Work.

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