2023 Global Human Capital Trends

According to Deloitte’s 2023 Global Human Capital Trends report the boundaries that once dictated when, where and how work was completed are falling away, shaken up by advancing technologies and greater discontinuity and disruption.  

New fundamentals must be built to help workers and organizations navigate this boundaryless world. Fundamentals that can help organizations to:

  • Think like a researcher and frame business challenges as an experiment from which organizations can learn, adapt, and improve their processes and outcomes.
  • Workers and organizations must work together to co-create the new rules of their working relationships and how work will be done in a future without boundaries.
  • To embed and prioritize human outcomes into new ways of working, organizations must focus on creating a clear collective purpose.

While there is a large readiness gap to overcome to make these changes, there is also great potential for reward. 

Stay tuned for more details on the Danish launch event. In the meantime, visit the full report here.

New fundamentals for a boundaryless world

Framing the challenge: Think like a researcher

Organizations and workers must activate their curiosity, looking at each decision as an experiment that will expedite impact and generate new insights. Three of our 2023 Global Human Capital Trends require organizations to think like a researcher. 

Charting a new path: Co-create the relationship 

Organizations and workers will need to learn to navigate this new world together, co-creating new rules, new boundaries, and a new relationship. That means ownership models and value must shift. Three of our 2023 Global Human Capital Trends require organizations to co-create relationships. 

  • Negotiating worker data: Organizations and workers vie for control of worker data when they should focus on mutual benefits 
  • Harnessing worker agency: Organizations drive value and strengthen their relationship with workers by embracing rising worker influence 
  • Unlocking the workforce ecosystem: Removing traditional employment distinctions unlocks access to a true workforce ecosystem – and with it, critical skills and worker potential 

Designing for human impact: Prioritize human

Organizations must create impact not only to their business, their workers, or their shareholders, but to broader society as well. Over half of organizations surveyed this year aspire to create greater connections with the society they work in. Three of our 2023 Global Human Capital Trends require organizations to prioritize human outcomes. 


Deloitte’s 2023 Global Human Capital Trends survey polled 10,000 business and HR leaders across every industry, with 105 countries participating. The insights gathered for this report leverage Deloitte's scenario planning methodology and are fueled by research findings from a combination of social media polling, live survey polling, AI-enabled focus groups and interviews with business and HR executives across industries and — for the first-time in the 11-year history of Deloitte's “Global Human Capital Trends” report — hundreds of workers from all over the world.

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