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Translating corporate strategy into organisational structures

Organisation design of the future is far more than an organisation chart with boxes and lines. It is about building networks of teams that align the organisation strategy with the business model, thus enhancing the performance of people within the business and translating it into bottom line benefits.

Today’s businesses face an environment that is far more complex, competitive and volatile than at any time previously in history. Driven by globalisation and digitisation, dynamics and events unfold with unprecedented pace and in unpredictable ways. Whether it be financial crises, business model disruption or shifting customer demands – organisations are confronted with a range of often unchartered challenges demanding unique and innovative responses. We at Deloitte believe that the key to solving these challenges lies in reimagining the very core of organisations in order to develop, design and implement structures that enable organisations to realise their strategy and be competitive in the digital age.

Our service portfolio
Deloitte is the undisputed leader in business transformation, recognised by Forrester and ALM Intelligence as #1 globally. Leveraging our 11,800+ global practitioners within human capital consulting, we support our clients in regard to organisational challenges across more than 100 countries. Among others, our cutting-edge service portfolio within organisation design includes the following offerings:

Agile organisations - Increasingly complex environments require increasingly adaptable organisations in order to respond to and thrive under unforeseen circumstances. We develop and implement flexible organisation structures to enable our clients to adapt to the challenges of the digital age and to remain one step ahead of their competition at all times.

Right-shaping - Economic distress often requires cost reduction and restructuring – our approach builds on extensive organisational analysis and meaningful alignment of your capabilities with your strategy to shape and set your business for long-term sustainable success.

Organisational network analysis – An organisation’s formal structure is often different from relationships and the actual flow of information and knowledge. Visualising and analysing these formal and informal relationships can help shaping a business strategy that maximizes organic exchange of information, thereby helping businesses become more sustainable and effective.

Mergers and acquisitions and carve-outs – Spinning off or merging organisations often does not materialize the initially estimated success due to unexpected obstacles during the implementation. Our approach combines vast experience in all stages and facets of the separation or integration process with holistic organisational analysis to ensure that our clients’ initial objectives will be met at the end of the day.

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