Reimagining Human Resources

The future of the enterprise demands a new future of HR

Disruptive forces are sharply changing how we live and work, creating an imperative for en-terprises to rapidly adapt. While enterprises are shifting with these changes to adapt busi-ness models, technologies and changing workforce expectations, HR teams are often straddling the needs of the legacy organisation, while planning to address the needs of the future.

Today, efficiency and effectiveness are simply expected from HR and the question we must ask and answer is how will all of this change influence the future of enterprises and the workforce, and how can HR take the lead in helping their enterprises accelerate sustained performance?

In answering this question, HR can create unprecedented opportunity to play a new and vi-tal role in shaping the way enterprises compete, access talent, and advance the communi-ties where they operate. In order to do so, there are three futures colliding that HR must address:

1. The future of the enterprise, accelerated by a tsunami of data, the shortening life-span of companies, and the increasing trust placed upon businesses by people around the world, which exceeds trust in governments.

2. The future of the workforce, which sees the length of careers increasing at the same time as the half-life of skills is diminishing, and the rapid rise of the open talent econ-omy with more than 40 percent of the workforce estimated to be contingent by 2020.

3. The future of how work gets done, enabled by digitalization that fundamentally chang-es how humans work together as networked and adaptable teams and with their emerging machine coworkers, which creates new roles for workers we have yet to imagine.

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The future of the enterprise demands a new future of HR

So, what is the future of HR?

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