Organization Transformation

Business is being disrupted. New business models, exponential technology, agile ways of working, and regulation are constantly changing the way organizations work. Transformation grounded in human experience principles can drive sustainable change on a behavioral, cultural, and organizational level.

Digital and emerging technologies, changing market conditions, and regulatory pressures are common external forces that drive business transformation. Internally, it might be new leadership or an event such as a merger or acquisition that sparks change. Whatever the driving cause, the same challenges apply: How can you align your organizational structure, talent, leadership, and culture with your business strategy to deliver true transformation and sustain it over time?

Our professionals help executives meet these challenges. We work with you to design optimal team networks, define business KPIs, and align organizational processes. We help you define what needs to change in your organization, and manage the necessary behavioral and cultural changes with cutting edge strategies and proprietary solutions such as CulturePath and EngagePath to make change happen. We guide you through new ways of working, including managing leadership expectations and determining new skills, training, and communications needs.

We also bring you deep specialized knowledge in the areas of pensions, actuarial and insurance solutions, and human capital M&A. Our professionals help retirement and wealth providers develop and execute business strategy and drive growth through product innovation, customer experience, and operational excellence. We work with life, property, and casualty insurance companies, health plans, and health care providers to modernize their operations and control actuarial costs and risks. And we work with non-insurance companies to reduce costs and better manage the risk of their self-insured pools. Deloitte M&A advisers also help organizations plan and implement strategies to draw optimal value from HR and workforce reorganization due to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and restructurings.

When you work with Deloitte’s Organization Transformation professionals, you’ll see that sustainable results are not only possible but also achievable when broad experience, deep knowledge, and practical business acumen are combined with leading-edge technology solutions, insights, and analytics.

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Strategic Change

Digital and emerging technologies, regulatory pressures, new leadership and consolidation strategies are examples of forces that spark business transformations. Deloitte’s Strategic Change offerings provide a systematic, data-driven approach to maximize your human capital during organization-wide business transformations or more focused change initiatives.

Digital Enablement

Digital and emerging technologies are rapidly impacting how we work. Deloitte’s Digital Enablement concept prepares clients for the Future of Work and the Digital Organization by defining and supporting the change journey through enabling the creation of a digital mind-set that achieves quick adoption of new digital ways of working. Our Digital Enablement practitioners use data driven analysis that accelerates your Digital transformation so you can leverage your human capital more efficiently in an increasingly digitized workspace.

Organisation Design

Organisation design of the future is far more than an organisation chart with boxes and lines. It is about building networks of teams that align the organisation strategy with the business model, thus enhancing the performance of people within the business and translating it into bottom line benefits.

2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends

Leading the social enterprise: Reinvent with human focus

Intensifying economic, social, and political disruptions are forcing organizations to move beyond mission statements and social impact programs to bring meaning back into the workplace and a human identity back to the worker. Visit the Deloitte Trends app to assess the report, video stories, interactive charts and related content to help you reinvent with a human focus.

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The Adaptable Organization

The Adaptable Organization is a fundamental shift in operating and management philosophy that enables large-scale global organizations to operate with a start-up mindset and drive modern people practices that enable enterprise agility through empowered networks of teams.

Organization Acceleration: The new science of moving organizations forward

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