Alexander Brix Kronborg wants to dispel the myth that the SR Academy is an almost inhuman experience. The sense of community and the support from Deloitte made it an amazing ride.

Alexander Brix Kronborg loves working with owner-managed companies – even more so now that he can call himself a State Authorized Public Accountant. In this segment, you’re not ‘just’ an auditor, but you’re involved in many different aspects, whether it be day-to-day financial management or big decisions such as passing the company on to the next generation. In fact, the closer involvement, the happier the client usually gets:

“Working with ambitious company owners is definitely what I love most about my job. One thing is creating the annual report; another is to support the owners as they turn their dreams into reality. This also goes for their personal finances, investment decisions or planning for retirement. There are so many ways in which we can leverage our knowledge and become trusted advisors to our clients.”

Alexander Brix Kronborg, Manager, Audit & Assurance

According to Alexander, many companies are in the process of planning the future:

“Internationalisation is still high on the agenda among our clients as they search for new revenue streams outside Denmark. We are also in a market with many M&A transactions. What might surprise people is that owners are not only selling to venture capital funds or passing on the baton to the next generation. Often, it’s a group of employees that take over the company because they have the ambitions and the skills to take it to the next level.”

Looking back on the SR Academy (State Authorized Public Accountant Academy), Alexander feels that it was a great combination of strengthening his professional skills and gaining the kind of personal authority that is expected of a State Authorized Public Accountant:

“The academy definitely gives an edge to your professionalism – in the best way possible. Today, I feel more confident when I’m approached by colleagues and clients with various questions. The academy is a great learning experience with a lot of hands-on training that you can apply directly in your daily work.”

Finally, Alexander is keen to dispel the myth that it’s almost inhuman to make it through the academy:

“With all the experience from my years at Deloitte, I felt very well-equipped to join the academy. Moreover, there is a lot of support from your fellow classmates. Today, we have such a unique bond, and I know that we will be standing shoulder to shoulder for many years to come.”

“And there was time for other things outside the academy,” he laughs. “For example, I met my girlfriend, and well, she hasn’t left me yet.”

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