As a young man from Western Jutland Tony Mouridsen originally trained as a painter. After a few years of working on the wind turbines at Vestas, he decided to follow his dreams of becoming a State Authorized Public Accountant.

Careers can begin in many different places and progress in many ways. Tony Mouridsen initially chose a craftmanship as a car painter, working on cars and, later, blade production at Vestas. He eventually discovered that he needed more challenges and decided to pursue his interest in economics and finance:

“Starting out with a craftmanship might not be the most common way to become an auditor, but I’m actually very happy with my career and the journey I have been on. When your journey begins on the production floor, you experience the inside of an organisation and how everyone plays a part in reaching the company goals. This perspective I cherish, and I use it in my daily work to ensure an ideal collaboration across different teams. It helps me understand issues that our clients face and what change management processes entail when implementing new processes in their company. I recall when standard cost was implemented as a blue-collar worker; it was quite special to have someone measure your production time with a stopwatch. I would not want to be without these experiences as they provide such valuable perspectives,” he says.

Over the years, life has taken many turns for Tony. He left Jutland to work for Deloitte in Copenhagen where he is now a Senior Manager, married, and has two daughters. But the path to becoming a State Authorized Public Accountant was always in the back of his mind:

“From the moment I stepped through the doors at Deloitte, I knew that I wanted to join the SR Academy (State Authorized Public Accountant Academy) one day. However, I understood that with two small children I needed the support of my family, and I have to say that my wife has been amazing, making sure that it all worked out. No matter how you look at it, the SR Academy is a demanding process. Being state authorized is a massive responsibility, so of course it doesn’t come for free.”

Tony Mouridsen, Senior Manager, Audit & Assurance

Today, Tony works with some of the largest clients at Deloitte, which is exactly where he wants to be:

“In our department for top-tier clients, we work with large companies and international corporations. Right now, I’m working with clients in the pharma and life sciences industries, while I specialise in energy, resources, industrials and transportation. Maybe it’s from my time at the production floor in Vestas or my fascination for shipping, but I love working with companies that manage infrastructure, energy production and complex manufacturing, typically across many countries and with a global footprint.”

The future? Tony is not shy to admit that the future lies within audit and assurance. He also aspires to join the partnership in Deloitte one day, and he is determined to make it happen:

“One of the most important qualifications as an auditor is that you are able to understand your clients and help them progress. Right now, companies are reconfiguring, whether it be through automation of processes or the transition into renewable energy. To follow our clients on their journey is one of the main reasons why I love this job.”

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