In an M&A market filled with sharp deadlines and large transactions, Deloitte’s Financial Advisory business unit has found a recipe that leads to both record-high results, low churn rates and employees that are thriving. The keywords are flexibility and communication.

Frederik Boeck Gislason and Marie Bülow Tarp manage some of the largest Danish corporate transaction processes as Director and Manager, respectively, in Financial Advisory’s Transaction Services team.

They advise clients in merger or acquisition projects by performing due diligence – working as the client’s trusted advisor throughout the, often complex, process. It is a profession that requires a solid project overview, good client relations and attention to detail, particularly when a client reaches the closure of a transaction and needs to ensure that all deliverables are met – relying on the advisor’s expertise.

Although the job comes with a lot of responsibility, Frederik and Marie both value being part of a flexible work environment with respect for personal interests and free time. There are certainly busy peaks around transaction closures, where clients expect commitment, but the flexibility goes both ways.

- Whether you are motivated by high speed and a steep career progression or prioritise devoting more time to family and interests, there is room for you. After becoming a father for the second time, I have used the flexibility to work more in the evenings, allowing for more time with my kids during the day, Frederik says.

Well-being as a non-negotiable

Marie spent four years at Novo Nordisk in the Research & Development department before joining Deloitte a few years ago. Contrary to Frederik, who started his career in Deloitte as a student trainee ten years ago, she did not pursue a career in M&A initially – despite finding the field highly interesting:

“I was a bit hesitant to enter the industry because of its reputation of being incredibly time-consuming and competitive. But after my friend told me about the flexibility that a job in Financial Advisory offers, I was convinced that I wanted to become part of the team. Today, I tell recruiters that the environment I have found in Deloitte, where my well-being is a non-negotiable and I feel truly listened to, is worth more than a higher paycheck.”

Nurturing the whole person

In Financial Advisory, there is a big focus on one-on-one conversations between employees and leaders – both with the immediate leader, the responsible Deloitte partner and a career coach. In other words, there is room to share big and small successes and challenges in life – professionally as well as privately.

- Every Thursday, we do workload reporting in our team, where we categorise our well-being in colours. It enables our leadership team to distribute projects amongst us that vary in workload and intensity according to our state of mind, Marie explains.

- Maybe you only worked 30 hours during a given week but categorise your well-being as red because you are going through a personal obstacle. Contrarily, you might have had a busy week, but your well-being is green because you are really motivated, Frederik adds.

Generally, Frederik and Marie both experience that their mental resources are highly fueled by the flexibility that their job offers and the general notion that as long as you get the work done, you can work whenever and wherever fits you – taking into consideration teamwork and tasks. Marie occasionally works from her summerhouse when the weather allows it, and Frederik enjoys picking up his oldest child early from daycare, exchanging the afternoon work hours for evening hours. As Frederik puts it:

- We all know that you need time off and a healthy life balance before you can function as an employee. Ongoing communication and open dialogues between leaders and employees are key.

Team spirit rather than sharp elbows

As part of the team, you rarely work alone from a client site. The project teams are in touch daily and work together as one; something that – according to both Frederik and Marie – shapes the culture and increases their motivation.

- Although we work in a high-performer environment, which is definitely also a motivator for me, there are no sharp elbows. We pull together and help each other succeed rather than compete against each other. In my experience, we deliver much better and get through the peaks less stressed when we work as a team, Frederik says.

- The team spirit is really strong. We remember to celebrate our successes together and are recognised for our team efforts – not just when a big transaction goes through, but continuously during a project. It boosts my motivation, Marie finishes.

If you are interested in learning more about Financial Advisory and the extraordinary journey the business unit is on, you can read more in our Impact Report from 2021.

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