Digital Government

How the EU cannot miss the cloud opportunity

With post-pandemic times at bay, long-term strategic investment on digital transformation is a way to ensure economies emerge stronger, more resilient and prepared for what’s coming next.

In this critical moment, digital modernization and connectivity in the public sector play a decisive role, and Cloud computing is a key enabler in this digital agenda.

Therefore, we have conducted a research to help Governments and public officials in understanding the benefits of Cloud and the key steps to take in the transition.

Migrating to Cloud carries benefits that go well beyond effective data storage. In fact, Cloud Computing has the potential to be the bridge across and between an ecosystem of diverse technologies, binding together different capabilities and tools in an accessible manner. Thus, Cloud-enabled transformation has earned its place as an established high-potential accelerator of digital modernization for Governments and other Public Services.

Download the report, and dive into all the above, and topics of:

  • Cloud in the public sector: What is the current scenario?
  • EU Digital policies and initiatives: How Europe is driving change
  • Case studies: How countries are leveraging the cloud
  • The way forward: How can public sector adopt cloud?
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