Having an Internal Controls function will help companies to continuously optimize processes and related internal controls systems, in order to meet business objectives in an efficient and effective manner. This is best accomplished if you have a team which has the right business expertise to challenge the organization and with access to the right SME’s, technology and ‘accelerators’ to drive Internal Controls modernization and digitalization.

In a business environment which is often complex (regulations, organizational structure) and fast changing (e.g. new technologies, new business models, expansions and with that new risks), many companies need a team which can scale up or scale down, when needed and which has the right expertise in place to provide valuable insights in many different risk areas (finance, operations, automation, digitalization, compliance, cyber, IT, etc.).

Deloitte could be your partner to embed this flexibility through internal controls co-souring or outsourcing support:

  • In a full outsourcing arrangement, Deloitte serves as the Internal Controls function. Deloitte provides the right resources to manage the Internal Controls function and align the right skill set during the different phases, e.g. development of internal controls systems, advisory, monitoring & testing as well as management reporting. We work in close cooperation with our client’s management to efficiently and effectively embed our team in your organization.
  • In a co-sourcing arrangement, the client maintains control and responsibility for the day-to-day function while Deloitte provides ‘on-demand’ Internal Controls support, related advice, leading practices, and experienced professionals with industry and specialized business and/or technical capabilities.

In both models, we often provide Subject Matter Specialists to support Management with establishing, optimizing and maintaining an Internal Controls system which truly supports the business in meeting its business objectives. Specifically, we are able to draw on SME support from a global perspective and can embed our accelerators to modernize and digitize your Internal Controls function. We also work with the Internal Controls leadership team to help them develop the team and function.

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