Say hello to the Climate Strategy Officer

Companies are beginning to formalise an organisational anchor for managing their climate impacts and helping them navigate the 'green transition'. The responsibility of the Climate Strategy Officer (CLSO) merges seven different roles, all of which are relevant for a successful transformation.

The seven roles of the CLSO

For a CLSO, filling the new role as the anchor of a green transformation often requires a thorough understanding of the company’s business needs and operations as well as broad stakeholder management, both inside and outside the company.

Moreover, the CLSO is often accountable for the green transformation but not responsible for carrying the transformation into effect. They need to create a followership inside and outside of the company in order to conduct and achieve the transformation. This requires various competencies – and roles.

Filling the role as CLSO requires a broad suite of competencies. Based on Deloitte’s position as advisor to CLSOs, other C-suite roles and Sustainability managers – as well as our general advisory regarding ways to reduce carbon emissions while creating a financially sustainable business – we have defined seven roles that a (new) CLSO of a large or medium-sized company will take on.

Often the CLSO will take on several or even all seven roles at once: They need to act as The Advisor, The Lookout, The Subject Matter Expert, The Assistant, The Craftsman, The Investor, and The Communicator.

Some of these roles are likely to change over time. This poses a challenge to many CLSOs, as the varying roles present significant requirements for their competencies and their ability to prioritise and balance expectations around them.

The CLSO is central to bringing about a green transformation in a company. We see CLSOs taking on their roles in different ways depending on the specific situation of their company. The CLSOs who manage to adapt to the company’s particular situation and turn the volume of each of the seven roles up or down at the right time are the ones who help their companies take the greatest leaps towards a greener future.

For a description of the individual roles and how the CLSO is anchored in the organisation, please download the full document.

Our commitment to a low-carbon economy

As the leading professional services firm in the world, it is our responsibility to help companies, institutions, governments and citizens transition to a low-carbon economy and a more sustainable future. Our global scale compels us to take action and accelerate the green transformation for the benefit of our clients, our people, our society, our planet and our business.

How we can help you

We see climate risks as an opportunity to transform the way we produce and consume today and for companies to seize new market opportunities, as we transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our ambition is to help our clients reduce their environmental footprint in a financially sustainable manner and integrate green ambitions with financial realities and core operations. This is where the real change happens. This is the impact that matters.

We can help you imagine, deliver and run your future in a low-carbon economy. No matter where you are today on your journey.

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