Case study

COVID19-Lockdown: Pressure test of agile ways of working

What can we learn?

For years organizations have sought to adapt to changes as quickly as possible. The lockdown of the Danish society in the spring was an extreme test that is a unique occasion for reflecting and learning how organizational design affects an organization’s ability to adapt.

One approach to adaptability has been adopting agile ways of working. In agile ways of working cross-functional, autonomous teams are organized around delivering small pieces of value in a continuous flow. Changes in the environment will then impact the organization less because the teams themselves can adapt how to work and coordinate with each other. They can also constantly direct their attention to whatever small piece of value that will create the most value for the organizations.

In this point of view, Deloitte analyzes how agile ways of working affected the financial company Alm. Brand's ability to perform under extreme changes.

Please get in touch if you want to share your experiences with us, have informal sparring on your situation, or are curious about how agile ways of working might benefit your organization.

Agile performance during lockdown

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