Danish foundations play a significant role as societal change-makers

New trend report from Deloitte about the Danish private foundations’ philanthropic activities offers insight into how foundations are key drivers of impact and change in Danish society. Through their strategic and philanthropic work, they contribute to solving some of the biggest societal challenges of today.

The report points to how the private, public and third sector are getting more and more connected as the public sector shrinks, while the foundations dig into more and more complex societal challenges and become increasingly proactive.

In the report, you can read more about:

  • How Danish foundations are positioning themselves to take on more responsibility and drive societal change
  • Overview of the largest Danish foundations’ purpose and industry origin
  • Insight into the share of foundations with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals
  • International trends in the field of foundations
  • Inspirational cases from five Danish foundations each with their specific purpose and approach

The purpose of the report is to give words to the new strategic space that the foundations are facing and how that this can be an important lever for developing the Danish society going forward.


Trend report on Danish Foundations 2018
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