GBS Reader

Evolving from being a “cost arbitrage” centre to a “strategic partner” organisation, GBS provides better and newer services that can lead to performance improvements

For more than two decades, organizations around the world have been using shared services (SSC) and outsourcing to improve service delivery and reduce costs in defined parts of their businesses. Today, leading organisations are implementing global business services (GBS), providing integration of governance, locations, and business practices to all shared services and outsourcing activities across the organisations.

The GBS Reader is divided into three sections:

  1. “GBS Operations - Aligning with the Bigger Picture” examines the evolution of GBS and highlights the principles that make GBS organizations successful.
  2. “Next-generation GBS capabilities - Capturing the full value” explores the latest trends and developments in this fast-changing area.
  3. “GBS as a business within a business - Instilling a commercial mindset” examines opportunities to learn from the external marketplace to operate GBS more like a commercial enterprise (e.g., using a defined catalog of services with set prices and service levels).

This in-depth guide by leading Deloitte Consulting specialists in SSC, GBS, outsourcing, technology, and organization, is compiled from years of research and client engagement experience. It is a collection of articles based on research, case studies, and client work and it is for both public- and private-sector organizations in Denmark, the Nordics and every other part of the world. It can help your organisation fundamentally change how to think about and manage shared services and outsourcing.

Global Business Services - Performance improvement
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