Sustainable Development Goals

The SDGs represent the first global strategy that address the world’s most pressing social, environmental and economic barriers to sustainable growth and prosperity. Across sectors and industries, we deliver strategy services that strengthen our clients’ impact, growth and purpose.

Our approach

In Deloitte, we view the SDGs as unresolved challenges that call for new strategies, solutions and collaborations. We use the SDGs as a lever to develop strategic direction and new narratives for our clients.

Deloitte has developed a SDG strategy tool that translates the SDGs into concrete challenges that need to be solved. By using the client’s specific context as the starting point, we enable our clients to prioritise and make the strategic choices necessary to meet their goals, while contributing to sustainable development.

Bahare Haghshenas

Bahare Haghshenas

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Bahare er strategikonsulent og hjælper offentlige og private kunder med at integrere bæredygtighed og FN's verdensmål i deres forretning, udvikle ansvarlige forretningsmodeller og danne tværsektoriell... Mere