ERP Advisory

Deloitte’s Enterprise Resource Planning Advisory helps organizations secure maximum return on investment from their ERP implementation journeys. Through a platform agnostic proven methodology, we focus on our client's strategic priorities rather than technology in itself.

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Our approach ensures that all relevant business objectives, processes, data, organizational, and IT considerations are analyzed and brought into play when an ERP solution is selected, procured, replaced, designed, and implemented. Many of our clients need to move from legacy on-premise solutions to the Cloud. This journey consists the equal steps whether the current ERP system is SAP, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynanmics, Oracle, NetSuite or any other accounting system. The important aspect is that this transition calls for a number of significant choices, the consequences of which will extend far into the future. We are here to help and provide insight into this journey!

Mads Udby Olesen

Mads Udby Olesen


Mads is leading Deloitte’s ERP Advisory team and has over 10 years of experience in the development of administrative processes and solutions, with a particular focus on their enterprise IT environmen... Mere

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