Integrated Business Planning

A way to align strategy to operations, integrate finance into functional plans and connect the entire organisation behind one optimised plan

What is Integrated Business Planning?

The current business environment of larger-than-normal demand swings, frequent supply disruptions and the need for becoming sustainable requires businesses to become more customer-driven, better cross-functional aligned, more efficient and agile than ever before. Integrated Business Planning is a way to effectively steer the company along that journey.

The baseline for the monthly Integrated Business Planning process is the budget. In a monthly drumbeat, the tactical plan across portfolio, customers, production- (or service-) resources are aligned and calibrated against business targets. Future risks and opportunities are identified and evaluated in scenarios. The last process step is the business management meeting, where the company situation and outlook are discussed, and relevant decisions are taken. The plan aligned across brand or category, volume and value can now be transferred to operational planning and execution in each function.

Many confuse Integrated Business Planning with an S&OP process linked to Finance, or an IT tool holding plans for several functions, which in essence means that all functions still work in parallel with planning, but just keep them in a central repository. In true Integrated Business Planning, all functions team up and work out one joint tactical plan. Thereby it becomes an extremely powerful way to manage and run the business.

“Integrated Business Planning is not a single process or an advanced software tool! It is the way to run your business.”


Camilla Thuge Lund

Camilla Thuge Lund


Camilla Thuge Lund is partner in the Supply Chain & Network Operations offering at Deloitte Denmark. She is an expert in Integrated Business Planning, S&OP & IT with more than 20 years of experience f... Mere

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