SAP Integrated Business Planning

Plotting a course to value

Planning is paramount, especially when it comes to its impact on supply chain efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. All industrial customers are showing increasing interest in SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning), the process for balancing a consensus demands with its ability to supply in the most profitable way. SAP Integrated Business Planning enables senior management to make informed business-changing decisions after considering relevant trade-offs, enabling companies to unlock potential supply chain value e.g., through improved working capital, revenue, on-time delivery and forecast accuracy.

The cloud-based SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) solution can improve your ability to anticipate supply chain bottlenecks, identify potential alternatives, and help you respond effectively and efficiently.

Through various project Deloitte has implemented one or a mix of the 5 applications within SAP IBP:

SAP Integrated Business Planning for sales and operations: “One set of numbers”

  • Balance demand and supply while providing organizational visibility and alignment
  • What-if scenarios, using “real time” information
  • Increase supply chain resiliency and sustainability

SAP Supply Chain Control Tower: “Visibility”

  • Achieve end-to-end visibility in the extended supply chain
  • Integrate Data from various Systems

SAP Integrated Business Planning for inventory

  • Efficiently position inventory to best respond to forecast error, demand variability and supply uncertainty
  • Multi-echelon (multi-stage) inventory optimization to solve the science of postponement

SAP Integrated Business Planning for demand: “Forecast Better”

  • Demand Sensing (predict and reforecast, pattern recognition)
  • Forecasting statistical techniques and Collaborative Demand Planning

SAP Integrated Business Planning for response and supply: “Master supply planning”

  • Plan production, procurement, and distribution
  • Respond to daily disruptions through what-if analysis to change supply plans and reschedule demand

Whether you are looking for an expedited approach to achieve
value with SAP IBP or want to execute a large-scale transformation leveraging a
broad custom solution, Deloitte can help. We offer three SAP IBP paths to help
your organization arrive at a solution that can satisfy your needs.

  1. Accelerated Implementation – with a baseline approach and refined from previous projects a fast-track implementation can be preconfigured.  
  2. Agile – for organizations that require a more tailored approach to SAP IBP transformation, an agile approach covers basic steps such as requirements-gathering followed by solution design to help deliver a solution that fits more closely with your business.
  3. Co-Innovation – For some organizations, needs can be very specific and may require more than tailoring the standard solution, which requires a deeper problem solving. It’s a custom approach that can help extensively address unique needs while strategically positioning the organization to meet future goals.

How we can help
Clients choose to work with us because we combine business insight with technical know-how to deliver practical, results-driven solutions - ones that work in alignment with larger strategic goals and involve a holistic supply chain view. Along the way, we focus on helping clients leverage SAP IBP to enable and adopt leading practices for maximizing investments in the supply chain.

For clients looking to improve the supply chain with SAP IBP, we provide a comprehensive set of offerings: 


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