Which tool is the best to support integrated business planning?

This is a simple question, but there is no simple answer to it as it depends on which needs the tool is to meet. By the way, you should outline the future process before considering needs.

In an action-oriented era like the present, it is easy to jump directly to the solution before the problem has been properly clarified.

Should the tool support an integrated planning process for a supply chain with many sourcing opportunities in a large production network, or is the need to connect the marketing function with the sales, supply chain and finance functions or to be able to make detailed financial planning or detailed production planning – or all of it?

Few tools are good at everything as a tool is often based on the planning task in one function and has subsequently been extended to the other functional areas. There are many tools in the market that seem to cover it all on the surface, but in practice, this is far from true.

Therefore, it is important to first outline the process, map the critical business needs and not least consider the strategy for the existing system landscape before investing in a tool. On an annual basis, Gartner Group releases its Magic Quadrant for systems, which may indicate in which direction to look. However, the quadrant does not consider the problem in your exact company. If you want the implementation to be successful, it is important to choose the right tool from the beginning. 

In Deloitte Consulting, we have a standard method to base your choice on, which we have successfully used in many Danish companies. We have specialists within commercial, supply chain and financial processes as well as a best practice model for integrated business planning. At the same time, we have deep experience with implementing the most used tools, and therefore, we can quickly point out which tools you should examine more closely. A process will last from 8 to 12 weeks depending on company size. The result is a proposal for your future IBP process indicating activities, RACI, terms of reference and drumbeat as well as a factual scorecard of which tools that best fit your company. Subsequently, you can ask the systems suppliers to demonstrate how they will meet your needs. Thus, a lot of internal time and insecurity will be saved, and you can quickly move to implementation.

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