Transformation of Tax

Something big is happening here

Tax executives are facing a whole new world. Accelerating globalization, growing regulatory and business complexity and the evolution of tax technology applications are creating ever-increasing expectations. It is now the Tax department’s turn to transform and Deloitte is ready to assist clients with their transformation journey.

Tax transformation perspectives

In recent interviews with chief financial officers, two notable and recurring themes have emerged:

  • CFOs have new and very specific expectations of the tax executives and tax operations within their organization.
  • There is a sense of urgency to transform the tax function – to elevate its capabilities to match those of the finance function and other areas of the business that have previously undergone transformation.

Why is tax rising to the top of CFOs’ priority list? What are they asking for? And what is this new emphasis likely to mean for tax leaders, tax departments and tax advisers? In this report, Deloitte addresses what transformation means to today’s tax departments and what steps tax executives can take to effectively prepare for and lead tax transformation within their businesses.

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