Digital Tax Compliance Services

Reimagining compliance for tax executives

​​Tax executives are increasingly being asked to provide tax leadership for strategic business direction and long-term strategies that impact performance. What challenges do you face as you move to a more strategic role, and how effectively is your tax operating model supporting that transition? It's time for a fresh new approach. Deloitte can help drive efficiencies, generate new insights, and unlock enterprise value​.

Compliance in the digital economy

​Deloitte's Digital Tax Compliance team can help you explore practical ways to re-engineer tax compliance so you generate high-quality returns more efficiently and cost-effectively. We can show you how to tap your organization's tax data to produce insights that can unlock value across your enterprise. We can also help you identify and implement changes that allow you to redirect your tax department personnel and resources toward new value-generating activities. With confidence in your compliance reporting, your tax team can focus on more strategic financial objectives.

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Our Digital Tax Compliance Services include:

Tax department and tax operating model design and enablement: services that address the dimensions of technology and data, process, people, and governance with emphasis on practical options for automation and sourcing.

Compliance and reporting outsourcing: services that include advanced, digitally driven solutions for corporate income tax, indirect tax, statutory reporting, provision preparation, and transfer pricing documentation.

Tax technology: services to automate current processes by leveraging ERP systems, consolidation and planning applications, data management, tax software, robotic process automation, and cognitive solutions.

Tax data analytics: services that can help identify patterns inside your organization's data and improve information rather than just analyze it.

Your tax department may be a prime candidate for Deloitte's Digital Tax Compliance services if your company is:

  • Experiencing finance transformation and/or organizational pressure to increase ROI of the tax department
  • Going through a significant corporate life event, such as merger, reorganization, regulatory investigation, etc.
  • Re-evaluating your current tax operating model
  • Seeing high turnover among tax department personnel and/or shifting to more of a contract model

Dealing with audit findings that suggest a material weakness in controls associated with tax compliance and reporting

Benefits of Deloitte's approach

​Your tax department can rely on Deloitte's Digital Tax Compliance team to potentially help you realize the following benefits:

  • Insights that, when unlocked, can drive better- informed decisions and value creation opportunities for your organization
  • A clear vision of what your tax department can look like and how to achieve that vision
  • A clear understanding of where your tax department is and what will be needed to drive it to that future state
  • A roadmap for getting from here to there
  • Access to Deloitte's practical and effective digital approach to compliance, available through a sourcing model that provides the breathing room to execute the roadmap while producing high-quality tax returns efficiently and cost effectively

Access to advanced analytics capabilities that can produce insights into the business to unlock value​


The Deloitte difference

​Why do so many businesses trust Deloitte to guide them through transformational changes? With Deloitte's Digital Tax Compliance services, you may gain access to:

  • Strategies for redirecting your tax talent and resources toward more strategic activities.
  • Approaches for tax compliance process improvement and sourcing to drive efficiency and make costs more predictable.
  • Deloitte's extensive global tax compliance knowledge base and investment in tax compliance-related technology.
  • Regional tax compliance centers in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.
  • Access to Deloitte specialists in strategic planning, operating model redesign, ad-hoc studies, finance transformation, and tax technology consulting and implementation.​

Tax in a digital world

​Given the dynamics of digital transformation (e.g., greater availability and affordability of technology, the increasing interconnectedness/integration of tax into enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions), as well as the converging forces of increasing globalization, expanding regulatory scrutiny and enforcement, and generational changes taking place in the workforce, many companies are considering ways to reconfigure their tax compliance delivery model.

In this article, Deloitte professionals examine how tax departments are moving ahead with digital transformation. They also discuss how tax departments can prepare for a more automated digital environment where costs and compliance turnaround time will be reduced by new sourcing models and advanced technologies.

Learn more about our report, "Tax compliance in a digital world."

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