Deloitte Relocation & Immigration Services

Customised to meet the personal needs of our clients

We are a unique supplier of relocation services as we are an integral part of Deloitte Global Employer Services (GES). As such, we offer our clients holistic and integrated services. Our extensive experience and expertise help save the client considerable amounts of time, money and internal HR resources. We ensure synergy between our relocation and immigration services and our Tax Department, minimising client involvement, time and resources.

Being relocated to Denmark should be great! But the employer expects the new employee to be fully attentive from the first day at work, leaving all the practical problems to the accompanying family.

Experience shows that in order to ensure successful employment of an expatriate, it is very important to make the entire family feel comfortable in its new country from the very beginning.

Apart from dealing with language and culture barriers, expatriates also face challenges such as finding a new home in the right location, settling in, finding an appropriate school, getting socialised etc.

Why choose Deloitte Relocation & Immigration Services?
Literally speaking, we put ourselves in the expatriates’ situation to fully understand their specific needs, problems and worries.

The purpose of Deloitte Relocation Services is to provide personalised services to both the employing company and the expatriate family.

We pride ourselves on offering customer care, not only during the settling-in phase, but also throughout the entire period of expatriation.

As a result, the risk of interrupting the assignment prematurely is heavily reduced.

We understand both the personal and financial costs of a failed assignment. We work closely with the expatriate family and the HR team to ensure a successful assignment for all concerned.

Our solutions consist of:

  • Visa and Immigration Service
  • Home Search 
  • Spouse/Family Support
  • Searching for School/Kindergarten

Our services include:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Taking out insurance
  • Subscribing for telephone, internet, TV channels etc.
  • Connecting utilities
  • Importing a used car in Denmark
  • Obtaining a Danish driver’s licence
  • Preparing a move-in report
  • Arranging for a temporary, furnished apartment
  • Moving-out services

We establish contacts relating to

  • Handiwork
  • Cleaning/Gardening
  • Painting/Floor sanding
  • Curtains/Interior design
  • Rental of furniture
  • Pets
  • Cross-cultural training
  • Language courses
  • Car leasing/rental

We provide the expatriate with our Deloitte Welcome Kit including:

  • A book of maps
  • Books about Denmark and the Danes
  • Other relevant written information

We also provide access to our webbased relocation platform including:

  • virtual relocation information about residential areas
  • rental level
  • neighborhood profiles
  • useful general information and 
  • hospitals & emergency numbers.    

We take the expatriate on

  • A pre-expatriation tour
  • A sightseeing tour of Copenhagen and the nearby areas
  • A tour around the local area

Our team
The Deloitte Relocation & Immigration Service have many years of experience in relocation and immigration services. The team is highly qualified to provide such services to expatriate families. Our team members all have expatriate experience from living in the following countries: France, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, and the UK. You are most welcome to contact us. 

Britt Stilling Andersen

Britt Stilling Andersen


Britt er director i Global Employer Services og rådgiver om immigration og relocation af udenlandsk arbejdskraft på tværs af landegrænser. Britt har rådgivet danske og udenlandske virksomheder vedr. i... Mere

Jeanette K. Onat

Jeanette K. Onat


Jeanette er manager i Global Employer Services og rådgiver om immigration og relocation af udenlandsk arbejdskraft på tværs af landegrænser. Jeanette har rådgivet danske og udenlandske virksomheder ve... Mere

Anne St. Claire

Anne St. Claire


Anne er manager i immigration-/relocationteamet i Global Employer Services. Hun har en solid baggrund i immigration fra danske ambassader i udlandet, Udlændingestyrelsen og den danske mobilitybranche ... Mere

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