Where is the value?

IT finance leaders need ways to communicate IT spending

Increasing IT spend and complexity leaves the CIO, CFO, and CEO with an important task to manage technology successfully. Adopting the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework can help them gain cost transparency, move the IT conversation from cost to value, and boost the core business.

Most businesses observe how the importance – and costs – of IT keep increasing. Most aspects of any business are heavily dependent on IT products and services, whether they are part of the core business or serve as a support function, i.e. providing network connectivity, server capacity, personal workspace, security etc. To be at the forefront of the development and maximise the value gained from IT spending, we encourage any organisation to implement ways to manage their IT as much more than just an overhead.

Technology business management (TBM) is not a new approach to managing IT as a business, but it is still unknown to many or it may not be clear what it means and how it can help an organisation. Therefore, in this article we address the fundamentals of TBM – why it is important, what it is and how it works, how it fits into the way organisations typically work with managing IT today and how an implementation process could look like. The article aims to explain why it is critical to consider IT a value creator instead of a cost generator in order to provide decision-makers with the insight needed to steer an organisation in the right direction.

Even if you already know the TBM fundamentals, we encourage you to read the article as the use cases and our implementation approach may still inspire you.

If you want to know more about TBM and Deloitte’s views on and approach to the subject, please read the article and/or contact us. 

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