Deloitte + SAP — Pearl Anniversary

Celebrating 30 years working with SAP to transform businesses across the globe

How do you describe a 30-year relationship built on helping industry leaders around the globe transform their businesses and grow? For Deloitte and SAP®—two teams that have been working together since 1989—words like “amazing” and “extraordinary” only begin to describe the achievements from three decades of collaboration.

The secret to our shared success? A combination of purpose, pride, and curiosity—with an unwavering commitment to helping clients tap the benefits of the latest technologies, while proudly celebrating their successes with them and continuously helping them to explore, to reimagine, to learn, to ask “what if?”

As the Deloitte + SAP alliance celebrates its Pearl Anniversary, hear from team veterans—in their own words. Find out what the relationship means to them—and what it means for clients looking to make an impact.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see what 30 years of energy, excitement, and results looks like.

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A look ahead: speed, energy, surprises

So what comes next for the SAP-Deloitte? As the pace of business accelerates, speed becomes even more important. Together, we will seek new ways to help companies innovate faster. That means bringing a new level of energy to our work, rededicating ourselves every day to developing and learning new things.

And if the past 30 years have taught us anything, it’s that things change expectedly and unexpectedly. Business titans and mainstay technologies have risen and fallen seemingly overnight. The rise of the sharing economy, the growth of “as a service” business models, and other forces have far exceeded mainstream expectations. Even bigger surprises are coming. Working closely with SAP, we plan to help clients plan for and adapt to the surprises coming their way—to help them reimagine everything, continuously, so they can thrive amid nonstop disruption.

A beginning

We have learned a lot in 30 years—collecting a lot of pearls of wisdom while working toward this Pearl Anniversary. Today, thousands of Deloitte specialists, SAP professionals, and clients can tell thousands of stories of innovation and transformation. But we’re just getting started.

We look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead, to stories yet to be written—to stories that we will write together. We hope you will join us on the journey!

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