SAP on Cloud

Transform and operate SAP securely, intelligently on any cloud 

The business environment for most companies is incredibly complex and challenging, and the digital world is serving up business opportunities at a faster pace than ever before. As a result, many leaders are modernizing their enterprise core by leveraging SAP digital core on cloud infrastructure to increase agility, security, and innovation.

SAP on Cloud: Evolve to innovate

The economic volatility and dynamic business environment of the past half-decade have increased pressure on most organizations to innovate, improve revenues, and grow their margins. To alleviate those pressures, businesses must evolve to meet challenges such as improving time to market, increasing the scalability and elasticity of enterprise apps, decreasing costs, and adopting emerging technologies more quickly.

For many organizations, moving to cloud is the answer. But it’s not just about moving to cloud, especially when an SAP® migration to cloud is part of the journey. Instead, it’s about constantly evolving to ensure that the organization’s entire technical footprint aligns with its goals for SAP and to achieve agility and innovation.

More than that, though, an SAP implementation or migration must create conversations about how to truly transform and not simply move legacy applications, processes, and operations to cloud unchanged. Organizations that are successful in cloud will be prepared to evolve with their environment.

The ultimate goal? To use cloud and SAP solutions to become a more Kinetic Enterprise™—one that has a clean core with a lower total cost of ownership and speed to value; that’s responsive, with total cloud agility; that’s inclusive of the complete business network; and that’s intelligent, with innovation that drives value. Such an organization is built to evolve. It executes needed transformations to more effectively handle current disruptions, and it’s better positioned to innovate to handle future disruptions.

End-to-end support for SAP on Cloud

Our SAP on Cloud offering provides end-to-end support—from business case and strategic design to execution to ongoing operations management (platform, security, and application management). But we don’t stop with transformation. No matter where you are in your SAP migration journey, we work to inspire and support your ongoing technology-driven innovation, and we support your SAP migration journey, from strategy to implementation to operations—all to increase agility, security, and innovation.

Key benefits of our approach

  • Any cloud. Deloitte OpenCloud can deploy and operate any SAP solution on your preferred cloud provider (across private, public, hybrid, and multicloud architectures) with 24×7 global delivery and industry-leading standard SLAs.
  • SAP optimization. Optimize and accelerate the SAP S/4HANA industry-specific “market-approved journey” to the hyperscale cloud with support from Deloitte and SAP.
  • Comprehensive SAP support. Leverage SAP IaaS, enhanced by Deloitte, to take advantage of this premium SAP offering for SAP S/4HANA Cloud or any HANA-based application.
  • Integrate everything. Predefined API management and cloud integration to accelerate the transformation journey.
  • Increased value. Enhance your SAP S/4HANA business case with the Deloitte Cloud Total Value Calculator. Migrate and manage both SAP and non-SAP applications to the cloud.
  • Secure journey. Implement effective security and controls throughout your journey to the cloud. 

Our capabilities extend across all major hyperscalers. If you’ve chosen a major provider such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, we can orchestrate your SAP cloud implementation across your ecosystem to help you implement SAP to fit your unique needs.


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