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Ronnie Nielsen

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Ronnie Nielsen is a Tax Administration Specialist and Thought Leader with Deloitte’s Center for Fiscal Systems where his work is focused on helping tax authorities tackle current challenges and build better futures.

Ronnie has substantial experience from the Danish tax & customs authority, the OECD and (as a contracted external expert) the IMF. Since 2007, he has advised senior leadership and contributed to major business development initiatives across all tax authority domains. Among his areas of expertise are tax administration trends and best practices; diagnostics, benchmarking and comparison; strategy, steering and organization; compliance risk management and service provision; and technology-enabled business transformation.

Ronnie is a strong champion of international collaboration. He has participated in many international fora; visited or worked with tax authorities in 30+ countries; and contributed to more than a dozen publications on tax administration reform and modernization. He represents Deloitte in the Business@OECD (BIAC) advisory group to the Tax Administration 3.0 project.

Ronnie is a certified Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT) Assessor and SAFe Agilist. He holds an MA in multidisciplinary area studies and is studying for an MPA.

Ronnie Nielsen
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