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Merger Control

Legal Merger Requirements

A successful merger needs to comply with merger control law - Deloitte Legal supports our clients to fulfill all requirements.

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Mergers are subject to national or European merger control if the respective turnover thresholds (and in some countries market share thresholds) are met. Where a merger control notification is required the transaction must not be put into effect prior to clearance by the antitrust authorities. Since disregarding the prohibition of implementation before antitrust clearance has been obtained can be fined and may lead to the voidance of the legal acts implementing the transaction, a successful merger needs to comply with merger control law. In order to ensure compliance with merger control issues Deloitte Legal supports companies with:

  • Assessment on the notification requirements 
  • Drafting and filing of merger control notification
  • Representation before the national and European antitrust authorities

In case of multi-national notifications we ensure a timely realization through Deloitte Legal network and partner law firms all over the world and manage the coordination of the respective national merger control proceedings. Next to the performance of the merger control proceedings our services also include the proper implementation of the cleared transaction (where applicable, under consideration of the conditions the clearance has been subjected to). 

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