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Integrated Advisory in all Compliance Related Fields

Deloitte Legal’s Business Integrity unit provides legal advice in all areas of law relevant for and all matters related to Compliance and offers technical, legal and other support to internal compliance departments.

With our integrated approach, Deloitte combines the technical skills of forensic and IT-specialists required for an efficient, tech-supported discovery process with high quality legal advice by Deloitte Legal and its dedicated compliance teams.

This integrated approach allows us to fully cover all relevant fields of compliance laws and regulations while maintaining the excellent legal expertise necessary in this extensive and complex area of law.

Tax Controversy / Tax Integrity

Deloitte Legal advises companies, its boards and employees as well as private persons in connection with tax criminal law. This includes questions relating to the law regarding fiscal offenses (particularly risks of potential criminal and personal liability), self-initiated tax-proceedings (whether initiated by individuals or – in particular – by companies, as well as the defense against proceedings of administrative and criminal fines.

Deloitte Legal advises companies, its boards and employees also in connection with procedural tax law. This includes the evaluation of procedural tax law (e.g. taxable person’s obligation to cooperate, investigatory competences of tax authorities, correction rules, statute of limitation, liability, commercial point of view, procedural abuse) and represenation in case of audits as well as tax disputes.

Within Tax Integrity, the main focus is on advise re procedural tax law and criminal tax law issues in connection with the implementation of internal control systems for taxes (ICS).

Your Contact: Heiko Ramcke
Your Contact: Heiko Ramcke
Your Contact:  Dr. Christian-Alexander Neuling
Your Contact: Dr. Christian-Alexander Neuling

Competition, Antitrust and Public Procurement Law

Our competition law experts advise our clients in all areas of German and European competition law including antitrust law, public procurement law and state aid law. The comprehensive coverage of the different competition law segments is a structural benefit for our clients, especially with regard to the interlocking issues between these segments.

A special focus of our competition law practice is on the development, implementation and review of compliance structures as well as on the preparation of manuals, guidelines and staff trainings. Our advice ranges from safeguarding the demands for „self-cleaning“ under public procurement law to the implementation of a comprehensive and effective Compliance Management System (CMS), retrospective reconciliation (Investigations) as well as evaluation of antitrust compliance systems and corresponding fact finding.

Your Contact: Felix Skala
Your Contact: Felix Skala

Banking & Finance

Deloitte Legal advises businesses worldwide in industries such as banking, insurance, construction, healthcare, tele­communications, postal services and transport and provides assistance in licensing, and compliance matters. We also monitor and report on matters of national and international legislative and political developments and devise compliance programs tailored to individual client needs.

A special focus lies on the consulting of banks and financial services re all regulatory issues, preparation and optimization of compliance systems as well as conduction of special investigations (incl. retrospective investigation services) for institutions located in Germany, in the EEA and in third-country territory.

Your Contact: Dr. Mathias Hanten
Your Contact: Dr. Mathias Hanten

Data Privacy / IT / IT Security

In the area of IT and data protection law Deloitte Legal advice on all facets of German and European data protection law, IT security, IT-contract law, software- and telecommunication law. We focus on contract design, especially within new business models, as well as on legal advice on industry-sector-specific questions within IT projects. We conduct national and international IT- and data protection projects and support the implementation of regulatory and legal requirements.

In addition to our professional expertise, our legal advice stands out due to an interdisciplinary and global reach. Together with other experts of Deloitte we offer an integrated one-stop evaluation which is essential in the area of IT and data protection. In this respect we focus on creating pragmatic and legally proof solutions.

Your Contact: Dr. Söntje Julia Hilberg
Your Contact: Dr. Söntje Julia Hilberg


In addition to classical IP-legal advisory, our IP-law practice also advises in the area of IP compliance management and helps our clients to recognize developing threats as well as IP-risks and to take appropriate countermeasures. A special focus is on monitoring and controlling of own IP-rights, as those usually represent a significant share value of the company.

Our team provides support in effective IP-administration, IP-security (IP-registration, protection of know-how, trade and business secrets) as well as legal evaluation of a company’s market presence (“brand compliance”).

Moreover, we advise our clients in the area of license management and contract management as well as proper handling of third party IP-rights and prevention of IP-violations and other market behavior rules.

Your Contact: Andreas Leclaire
Your Contact: Andreas Leclaire

Environmental & Energy Compliance

The energy law team of Deloitte Legal provides broad advice on questions of energy law for many years. Among our clients are domestic and foreign utility companies (municipal utilities, energy brokers), independent power plant operators and operators of facilities according to the renewable energy law, network operators, industrial operators and financial investors.

The scope of our advice includes in particular energy contract law and German and European regulatory law. In addition we provide preventive advisory as well as investigation services for the reconciliation of compliance issues.

Furthermore we provide broad advice on all matters in connection with the renewable energy law and support companies planning and integrating innovative technical solutions, i.e. in the field of electro mobility, intelligent measuring systems and decentralized energy production.

Your Contact: Andreas Leclaire
Your Contact: Andreas Leclaire

Customs & Foreign Trade Legislations

Deloitte Legal provides advice on all aspects of customs law, excise tax as well as foreign trade legislations for corporations engaged in international trade.

We possess vast experiences in all areas of customs and foreign trade legislations, in particular with regard to adversary proceedings, compliance verifications and audit services. Our advisory practice thereby includes preventive avoidance strategies as well as retrospective investigation services for a legally secure evaluation of compliance relevant issues.

Your Contact: Bettina Mertgen
Your Contact: Bettina Mertgen
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