Dr. Till Contzen

Digital Business, IT/IP


Dr. Till Contzen

Franklinstraße 46-48

60486 Frankfurt/Main


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Till joined Deloitte Legal in October 2017 as Counsel based in Frankfurt am Main. He is specialized in IT/IP law, in particular all kinds of IT outsourcing and BPO transactions and digitalization projects.

Since becoming a lawyer in early 2012, Till has focused on all information technology-related legal matters. He has advised numerous clients in the outsourcing of IT-services and business processes. Additionally, he has advised clients in the development, implementation and distribution of complex IT solutions such as the ERP and CRM systems, digitalization projects, and migration into cloud environments.

Due to his in-depth understanding of technologies, he is experienced in the transfer of complex technical topics into legal language. Not only has he advised clients in the legal challenges of a project, but he also has assisted his clients to steer through the numerous organizational and economical challenges which they often face in the lifecycle of a project.

Till speaks German and English.

Dr. Till Contzen