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Court-proof Collection & Processing of Large Amounts of Unstructured Data

In case of alleged infringement by corporations or individuals, large amounts of unstructured data needs to be searched then saved and finally systematically reviewed in order to fully uncover the facts of the case.

Deloitte Legal combines the extensive experience and know-how of our Forensic, IT-Forensic and Legal teams to ensure a sophisticated, well-structured and fully transparent discovery of company data.

We provide the technical solutions and accompanying legal guidance to minimize the amount of data and structure it according to each client’s requirements.

We focus on a complete, fully transparent documentation and protect the defendant’s rights throughout the entire process.

Our legal advice particularly comprises the following areas:

  • Digital data collection, security and processing by our Forensic and IT-Forensic departments
  • Preparation of a review strategy based on an extensive risk assessment
  • Client-specific preparation and evaluation usable in court
  • Interdisciplinary discovery and development of follow-up strategies

Your contact: Matthias Sierig
Your contact: Matthias Sierig
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