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Deloitte Hungary is committed to the quality, ethical business conduct, and integrity which form the basis of everything we do, as our primary goal is to create value for our clients, employees and contracting partners.

Whistleblowing system

In order to protect these interests, Deloitte Hungary established a whistleblowing system in accordance with Act XXV of 2023 on Complaints, Public Interest Reports and Rules on Whistleblowing, which is available to all our employees, clients, contractors and anyone else who does business with Deloitte Hungary.

Subject of the report

The internal whistleblowing system allows you to report information about unlawful or suspected unlawful acts or omissions, or other abuse, such as:

  • criminal activity,
  • corruption,
  • manipulation of public tenders,
  • fraud,
  • prohibited anti-competition behaviour,
  • unauthorised disclosure of confidential information or personal data,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • discrimination.

The method of the reporting

Notification may be made in the following ways:

Content of the report

In order to ensure prompt and efficient examination of the report, it is recommended to provide as much details as possible of the subject matter of the report, in particular:

  • the background, circumstances and grounds for suspicion of the event giving rise to the report,
  •  the persons involved in the event giving rise to the report, the date and place of the event. 

It is also recommended to attach to the report any documents that may justify suspicions of unlawful or suspected unlawful acts or omissions or other abuses.

Examination of the report

Deloitte Hungary investigates each report as soon as possible. Within 7 days of receipt of the report, the whistleblower will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of the report through the same channel through which the report was submitted. The whistleblower shall be notified of the outcome and of the action taken on the report within three months of confirmation of receipt of the report.

Data processing

The privacy of whistleblowers and concerned persons is a top priority for Deloitte Hungary. 

During the investigation of the report, Deloitte Hungary processes personal data of the whistleblower and the person whose conduct or omission gave rise to the report or who may have material information about the facts contained in the report.

Deloitte Hungary processes personal data that are essential for the investigation of the report only for the purpose of investigating the report and remedying or stopping the conduct that is the subject of the report, and only discloses them to persons authorised to participate in the investigation of the report.

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