Éva Virág Uzsák

Senior Manager, Future of Work Topic Lead

Éva Virág Uzsák

Dózsa György street 84/C




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Virág joined Deloitte as a senior manager, responsible for Future of work topics early 2021 with 15+ years of HR consulting and business leadership experience. Previously, she was the Head of Business Development, then Managing Director in Hungary and Eastern Europe Region Leader at Kincentric (Aon, Hewitt). She has been actively involved in several market-shaping initiatives, such as HR Fest, now as "the HR industry's number one event series", the well-known ”Legjobb Munkahelyek' Program”, the World of Work Moonshot project, Hungary's first Workplace Video campaign, or the introduction of a strategic approach to employee experience in Hungary.

Virág has also led organizational and leadership development projects, employer brand building and shaping employee experience strategy, as well as talent selection and talent program development in several industries (banking, insurance, IT/Telco, SSC, manufacturing, retail, etc.).