The Next Gen Navigator Programme

Designed with you in mind. 

Delivered by undisputed leaders in thinking and thought leadership

Family businesses are the cornerstone of India’s economy, contributing to 79 percent of the national GDP. You and your businesses employ a significantly large part of the workforce, spur innovation, and drive superior returns and do so with a strong sense of national pride and fervour.

With unique opportunities comes unique challenges. So, what can the next generation of leaders do to future-proof themselves and the legacy of their organisation? These amongst many more are questions that keep promoters of businesses awake at night.

To address this and create a platform exclusively for our ‘Next gen leaders’, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd (DTTILLP), in collaboration with Harvard Business Publishing (HBS), has created this unique offering. The programme brings together learning, insights, experience sharing, and access to the best minds, which we have drawn from our collective experiences and interactions---to create something truly special, with a special team to deliver it.

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