Navigate to excellence with process mining

Center for Process Bionics

State-of-the-art business operations are largely process-driven, often supported by a variety of IT systems. Their ever-growing complexity poses tremendous challenges for process transparency, control, and efficiency.

The Deloitte Center for Process Bionics utilises Process Mining to capture your end-to-end business processes. Process Mining enables actionable insights based on process data combined with technical and organizational measures to optimize operational processes towards strategic goals.

Beyond transparency, Process Bionics provides a greater understanding of organically grown process landscapes, including the behaviour shown by involved entities, and applying proven patterns to boost efficiency.

Leveraging Deloitte’s cross-functional expertise in lean management, machine learning, robotics process automation (RPA), and neuroscience, we are your partner of choice to reach process excellence in the digital era.

How do I have end-to-end visibility on my process? Some of my processes are offline and verbally communicated.

How do I check for process deviations without a sample audit approach?

Is my process automation working?

How do I initiate my process transformation efforts?

Can I proactively identify process weaknesses?

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