India - On the Cusp of a Logistics Revolution 

The Indian Government’s policy initiatives like Make in India and the nation-wide implementation of a uniform indirect tax system hold promise for an efficient, integrated and buoyant economy. Logistics industry would be a critical enabler and facilitator on this journey towards achieving the envisioned growth potential.

The performance of logistics sector in the economic development of India has never been more compelling. A robust logistics sector can go a long way in boosting India’s quest for being a manufacturing giant given that several initiatives have been launched by the government in this direction. Though the industry has seen rapid growth in the last few years, the country is yet to adequately capitalize on the opportunity.

This report discusses the challenges that ail the logistics sector in the country and the possible ways to address these issues. It also explores the impact of digital technologies like IoT, blockchain, and big data in the logistics chain. At the end, it presents a case for a national logistics policy for a holistic improvement in the sector.

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