Migration impact analyser

Tool overview

The Migration Impact Analyser tool assesses the impact of S4 HANA technical migration on the overall security framework and design, while also evaluating related access risks.

Business need

  • Lack of visibility for proactive planning of security remediation/role-redesign
  • Technical S4 migration leading to new access risks emerging
  • Need to assess impact on existing access risks and SOD framework
  • Manual analysis of migration impact is effort intensive and prone to errors

Tool highlights

  • Interactive dashboard providing single view of HANA migration impact on security design and access risks.
  • Detailed report with insights on actions to be taken for compliant access risk framework post HANA migration
  • Detailed reports at user, role and transaction level with proposed remediation actions


  • Substantially reduced efforts to analyse impact of S4 migration, with greater accuracy of findings
  • Proactive planning to manage post go-live impact on security framework and user access risks
  • Achievement of HANA compliant SOD framework
  • Key inputs to better strategise migration approach
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