The Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023

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On 11 August 2023, the President of India formally enacted the “Digital Personal Data Protection Bill” following its approval from both houses of the Indian Parliament. This enactment establishes a dedicated legal framework in India, marking a significant milestone—India’s first-ever privacy Act aimed at safeguarding the personal data of citizens. It spotlights the importance of the Data Protection Board of India, its key provisions, and the rights and duties of organisations and individuals.

In this fast-paced digital landscape, the Digital Personal Data Protection Act, 2023, is a momentous stride in safeguarding individual privacy rights and promoting responsible data management practices. This groundbreaking legislation acknowledges the ever-growing significance of personal data protection and aims to strike a delicate balance between individual rights and an organisation's legitimate data-processing needs.

The primary purpose of the Act is to regulate the processing of digital personal data and respect individuals' right to protect their data while recognising the necessity of processing and using such data for lawful purposes. The language employed in the Act is simple and straightforward, ensuring easy comprehension for all. Moreover, the Act aims to establish a comprehensive legal framework to govern digital personal data protection in India.

The DPDP Act influences the entire data management process. Hence, the board must oversee the privacy programme's implementation, governance, and improvement to achieve success. This publication, “The DPDP Act and enterprises in India: Privacy for the board,” provides a comprehensive view of the board’s role in navigating the DPDP Act. It deals with the provisions of the new law and its impact on enterprises whilst providing board members with expert insights on how to approach the operationalisation of the DPDP Act. It also contains a ready reckoner for board members to understand the key questions they must tackle to ensure compliance with the new law.

The DPDP Act and enterprises in India: Privacy for the board

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