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Deloitte Speak Up

Deloitte Speak Up

Deloitte Speak Up accepts information on violations of laws and regulations or fraudulent practices (including accounting fraud) by Deloitte Tohmatsu Group companies and their employees. If you are in possession of such information, please contact one of the following contact points by e-mail, letter, telephone or web form.

Channels for Reporting

Deloitte Speak Up (Click here)

※When contacting through Deloitte Speak Up, the primary contact point will be the subcontractor of Deloitte Tohmatsu Group. The information you reported will be directed to Ethics Incident Team at Reputation Quality Risk Management Office of Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC.

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune


To  Anderson Mori &Tomotsune responsible for Deloitte Tohmatsu Hotline, Otemachi Park Building 1-1-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8136, Japan

E-mails: tohmatsu.hotline@amt-law.com


Points to Note

・ In the case of reporting by e-mail, please specify “[Deloitte Speak Up]” at the beginning of the subject, and always include the following items in the text.

1. Name and Company you work for

※ We also accept anonymous reports. If you wish to be anonymized, please make sure to specify so.

2. Detail of the case

※ Please describe the detail of the case (violations of laws and regulations or fraudulent practices, etc.), date of occurrence, location of the case, and name of the relevant employee.

※ If there are any documents related to the case, please submit them as well.

3. Other

※ Please provide out any information that may be useful for the investigation of the case.

・Deloitte Speak Up is not directly intended to assist or to provide personal convenience to reporters. Please be advised in advance that the reporter may not be informed of the results of investigations and corrections based on the information provided.

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