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16 April 2021
Deloitte Tohmatsu will participate in Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2021, one of the largest LGBT+ related event in Asia

12 April 2021
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group to join “The Valuable 500” for further empowerment of members with disabilities

12 November 2020
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group won Gold Award for 3 consecutive years over “PRIDE Index” –as one of the friendliest companies for LGBT

13 April 2020
Deloitte Japan to support the implementation and operation of “COVID-19 Public Health Center Business Support Cloud Package” developed by Salesforce.

31 March, 2020
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group to Implement “Panel Promise” As a new measure for gender equality strategy

28 June 2019
Deloitte Tohmatsu declares our agreement to the “Suggestion of Equal Marriage”

26 March 2019
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group establishes a new group company - "Deloitte Tohmatsu Cyber LLC"

14 March, 2019
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group won the 2019 J-Win Diversity Award in both corporate and individual categories

26 February, 2019
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group supports the First W20 Summit in Japan

12 October, 2018
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group won best prize "Gold Award" based on the PRIDE Index 2018

13 July 2018
Verification report on KYC advanced platform utilizing blockchain technology by the Blockchain Study Group

Deloitte Tohmatsu accelerates its drive across Asian Pacific

14 April 2018
Deloitte Tohmatsu Group selects new Chairperson of the Board, CEO and Business Leaders

15 September 2017
Deloitte announces record revenue of US$38.8 billion

21 July 2017
Start Practical Experiment of KYC advanced platform utilizing blockchain technology by the Blockchain Study Group

21 March 2017
Tohmatsu Venture Support and Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory to launch M&A advisory service for start-ups

10 January 2017
Morning Pitch Singapore: a monthly event for collaboration between Asian start-ups and large Japanese corporations

30 November 2016
Report on Practical Experiment of Blockchain Technology in Japanese Domestic Interbank Payment Operation by the Blockchain Study Group

25 November 2016
Deloitte Japan strengthens service team for rapidly globalizing financial services industry

07 September 2016
Deloitte announces record revenue of US$36.8 billion

22 July 2016
Deloitte Tohmatsu to develop cyber security human resources in cooperation with the University of Tokyo

27 June 2016
Deloitte Opens Deloitte University Asia Pacific in Singapore to Develop World’s Best Leaders

18 April 2016
The latest update of Deloitte Tohmatsu group regarding the recent earthquakes in Kumamoto and Oita

02 September 2015
Launch of Cyber Intelligence Service

01 June 2015
Deloitte Announces First Asia Pacific Leader from Japan

01 April 2015
DT Legal Japan Joins Deloitte’s global network

25 December 2013
Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory acquires PROPERTY RISK SOLUTION

01 October 2013
Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax announces appointment of Shinya Matsumiya as new National Tax Leader

11 July 2013
Deloitte Digital Business Begins Operations in Japan Following US, UK and Australia

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