Life at Deloitte

Support Scheme

At Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, we have various kinds of systems and supporting initiatives so all the members can continue to pursue their own career paths in diverse ways -especially upon life related events (such as childbirth, child/family care, injury/sickness treatment etc.)

Flexible Working Program (FWP/WP)

There are various work style options such as leave of absence, shorter working hours/days etc. to balance work and life -such as childcare, nursing care etc.

Pre Baby-Birth session・Postpartum Care Class

Pre Baby-Birth classes are to learn what will happen with our mind, body and life after the baby is born. Post-partum care classes are to learn how to recover the mind and body after giving birth and to motivate the members’ ambition to return to work and to further empower career development in the future.

Childcare Concierge

Contracted childcare expert is always available in the office to support all kinds of childcare related consultations. 

Corporate Membership for Babysitting Service

The firm covers half of babysitting fees and sick children care service fees used during working hours and overtime.

Housekeeping Service & Nursing Care Service

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group members and families (up to the second degree of kinship) are eligible for our corporate membership discount.  

Mothers' Room

Mothers' Room is a space for pregnant women to relax and take a break.  Breast pump equipment and refrigerators are also available. 

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