Business Continuity Policy

Last revised: 30 June 2022

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group * (hereinafter referred to as "our group") contributes to the maintenance and development of social institutions and the economy through the advanced professional services provided by each legal entity of our group. More to meet the needs and expectations of society’s stakeholders by building a system capable of continuously and stably providing such professional services, furthermore, to fulfill our social mission, our group hereby establishes a Business Continuity Policy and declares that it develops and operates a Business Continuity Management System (Business Continuity Management System, BCMS) that meets the following requirements.


(1) A top priority shall be given to the safety of the lives and health of all partners, managing directors, staffs, etc. of our group and their families.

(2) The situation of the client shall be considered and the recovery of business operations shall be aimed as soon as possible according to the priority in the event of an emergency.

(3) Relevant laws and regulations shall be complied with.

(4) Maintenance and improvement of BCMS shall be continuously performed.


* Deloitte Tohmatsu Group is a collective term that refers to Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC, which is the Member of Deloitte Asia Pacific Limited and of the Deloitte Network in Japan, and firms affiliated with Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC that include Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC, Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC, Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co., DT Legal Japan, and Deloitte Tohmatsu Corporate Solutions LLC. Please click here for the list of entities comprising Deloitte Tohmatsu Group.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group CEO
Kenichi Kimura

※ Deloitte Tohmatsu Group has been certified for ISO 22301, Business Continuity Management System, since May 2022.