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Deloitte's CFO Reception is an exclusive platform for CFOs with diverse industry backgrounds to share their insight and network with their peers. CFOs drive the agenda and respond to their key issues while Deloitte facilitates and provides subject matter expertise. It is held semiannually.

September 2019 CFO Seminar and Reception

CFO Reception: Economic and Political Outlook

Deloitte’s CFO Program Japan hosted CFO Seminar & Reception featuring “Economic and Political Outlook” event on 19th September by Mr. Shiro Katsufuji and Ms. Saori Tsuiki from Center for Risk Management Strategy (CRMS) of Deloitte Tohmatsu. Mr. Katsufuji and Ms. Tsuiki shared their insights on “World Production and China&US”, “Impact of No-deal Brexit”, “Pre-Olympic Investment boom and negative drop” and so on. Attended CFOs showed their interests actively and we had an interactive session.
Also, Pankaj Arjunwadkar, CFO Program International Leader of Deloitte Tohmatsu, described “Future of work in an age of longevity”. 

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January 2019 CFO Seminar

CFO Winter Seminar Reception

On 28th January Deloitte’s CFO Program Japan hosted a CFO Winter Seminar Reception featuring TAX and Digital Updates, with Story Sharing by Rajeev Mall from Coca-Cola Bottlers Japan Business Services Inc. Mr. Mall shared his insights gained from years of observation of business culture in Japan. Deloitte Tohmatsu specialists also shared their knowledge at the event. Tax partner David Bickle introduced the government’s 2019 Tax Reform proposals, and highlighted the impact of BEPS initiatives on multinationals operating in Japan. Pankaj Arjunwadkar, CFO Program International Leader of Deloitte Tohmatsu, described recent trends in digital finance. 

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July 2018 CFO Seminar

CFO Seminar & Reception Economic and Political Outlook

Deloitte’s CFO Program Japan hosted CFO Seminar & Reception featuring “Economic and Political Outlook” event on 5th July by Mr. Tsuyoshi Oyama from Center for Risk Management Strategy (CRMS) of Deloitte Tohmatsu.
Mr. Oyama explained geopolitical scenarios; “Intensifying Trade War Scenario", "No deal Brexit and destabilizing Europe scenario", and "Abenomics Failure scenario". Attended CFOs discussed actively how these 3 scenarios will affect thair businesses and how they can mitigate potential risks.

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Feb 2018 CFO Seminar

Cyber Security

Being digitally connected in today’s world is at the foundation of any successful organization. But today’s inter-connectivity also means that actors with malicious intents have more opportunities than ever to get their hands on your confidential information or interrupt your organization’s information infrastructure. With this in mind, Cyber Security should be towards the top of any organization’s agenda. But it is also a complex topic to grapple with and not usually part of the strategic agenda. In this seminar, Deloitte gave our viewpoint on where to put your focus and how you can ensure sufficient levels of security.

August 2017 CFO Seminar

CFOs and the Digital Challenge

Technologies such as in-memory computing and cloud computing combined with better data analysis tools gives CFOs further opportunities to act as strategic partners to the business, providing key insights for management decisions. This evolution means CFOs have to rethink their own value proposition and how their finance function operates. Consequently, capabilities of finance teams has to be developed into new areas. At the same time, the CFO is still needed to retain firm stewardship of the company’s finances to retain the trust of the organization, while maintaining low costs of operation. This often means using tools such as robotics process automation or evening cognitive processing tools. Thus, the CFO of today really has to be adept at managing and leveraging digital technologies.

In this seminar, we discussed how emerging digital technologies reshapes the role of the CFO and how to best leverage these technologies. We had an open discussion among the participants and presented a Japan focused viewpoint to make the seminar relevant to their current situation.

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May 2017 CFO Seminar

Turbulent times – how will Japan be trading in the future?

During the last year the world has seen tremendous political and economic change. Unprecedented events across all continents are already influencing trade relations: the election of Donald Trump meant that the United States left the TPP and instead will pursue bilateral trade agreements; Brexit still presents a high degree of uncertainty of future trade with the United Kingdom and means that Britain might not be used as a gateway to Europe for non EU countries going forward. At the same time rising geopolitical tensions among countries could mean unwelcome economic sanctions. But how will these events influence Japan? And how should companies seek to align themselves?

 In this seminar Deloitte Japan’s chief economist Tsuyoshi Oyama presented Deloitte’s views on the developments we have seen in the recent months and what the most probable future scenarios are for how Japanese will position its policies on trade. Furthermore we discussed the risks and opportunities that lie ahead for companies operating in Japan.

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May 2016 CFO Seminar and Reception

Everywhere Analytics – Bringing Insights to Executive Officers

Data is everywhere around us. Analytics will be everywhere, too. In an Everywhere Analytics world, insight-driven organizations deliver insights to a wider range of users, using the full spectrum of internal and external data, to create a culture of insight-driven decision making. In short, we no longer live in the era where data was only accessible to a few highly technically skilled people. Today, data and the benefits of its insights are everywhere, reaching all the way up to executive officers’ desks.

In this seminar, we discussed Deloitte’s vision on the journey towards becoming an insight driven organization. We highlighted some of our success stories and elaborate on the pitfalls we’ve identified while working with clients. We demonstrated several types of commercial analytics projects and leave you with a practical understanding of the flow of a typical analytics project.

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April 2015 CFO Seminar and Reception

Global Economic Outlook - What to expect in 2015 and beyond

Dr. Ira Kalish, Chief Global Economist at Deloitte presented his views on global economic issues as well as the effects of economic, demographic, and social trends on the global business environment.

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