Technology Strategy & Architecture

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Deloitte's technology strategy and architecture specialists can help your organization develop the strategies and implement the systems that build business value and drive performance. From system replacement to a full IT transformation, our professionals bring deep knowledge and experience to your most complex IT challenges.

Cloud advisory, implementation, and hosting services

A strategy and a platform for implementing and managing cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-core integration have moved from a leading practice to a competitive necessity. Our cloud advisory, implementation, and hosting services can help you rapidly and cost-effectively deploy a cloud-based platform–whether on-premises, off-premises, or a hybrid model–to align with your unique industry requirements, strategic business goals, and existing operations. We can also provide integrated service management functions with tightly aligned organizational and governance structures to improve service performance and gain access to new business services.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud implementation
  • Cloud strategy & advisory

IT business management

An effective IT strategy should enable IT to operate like a business rather than a cost center. To transition from a technology-focused operation to one that runs based on a portfolio of services required by the business, a sharp focus on business-driven IT strategy, organizational capabilities, and planning and delivery processes is required-not to mention all the technologies at work behind the scenes. Our deep technology experience combined with practical business strategy knowledge can help you develop specific services to help your organization achieve its performance goals through ITSM-and ITIL-based solutions, and deliver more value to the business.

Our capabilities include:

  • IT cost effectiveness
  • IT governance, operating models & delivery models
  • IT service management
  • Project portfolio management

IT mergers & acquisitions

As one of the most comple' events in a company's lifecycle, a merger or acquisition demands careful integration planning. However, failure to effectively integrate the technology infrastructures of the two entities can lead to duplication in expenditures, conflicting processes, and inconsistent and ineffective systems. Our IT merger and acquisition specialists can help you proactively plan and implement post-merger integration activities. We offer a full suite of M&A IT capabilities-from IT capability development and diligence through IT implementation-to help your business rapidly realize planned synergies, drive significant cost savings, and establish a strong basis for accelerated growth.

Our capabilities include:

  • Communications and change management
  • Infrastructure services, including hosting
  • IT due diligence
  • IT integration planning and execution management
  • IT related regulatory compliance
  • IT security and controls

IT strategy

An effective IT strategy should enable IT to operate like a business rather than a cost center. We work to understand your overarching business strategy at a deep level, going far beyond the C-Suite to uncover insights. We create solutions that are sharply focused while taking the full operating model into account, from people and intellectual capital to technology and processes. And when it comes time to put technology to work, we bring a demonstrated depth of knowledge to solution design, selection and implementation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Application strategy, selection, and rationalization
  • Enterprise architecture
  • IT strategy & transformation

Technology infrastructure transformation

Contemporary CIOs, CTOs and COOs are taking a new approach by running their technology infrastructure as if it were a standalone business. They invest in infrastructure just like they would any business—expecting it to deliver products and services with the transparency and quality that they've come to expect from providers. Helping organizations achieve this shift is where Deloitte leads.

Our Technology Infrastructure Transformation practice brings together a global network of professionals with deep experience across technology, strategy, risk, financial advisory, tax, and human capital to help transform the way our clients run their technology infrastructure organizations.

Our capabilities include:

  • Data center facilities, infrastructure, and automation
  • Workplace technology, messaging, voice and collaboration
  • Server, storage, mainframe, and network
  • Architecture, engineering, and operations
  • Internal and external customers and stakeholders
  • Financial metrics, operating model, sourcing, and location strategy