Seiji Kamiya, CFA

Japan and Asia Pacific Leader for Financial Services Industry Japan and Asia Pacific Leader for Regulatory & Legal Support

Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC

Seiji Kamiya, CFA

Marunouchi Nijubashi Building

3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku



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Leading both financial services industry and regulatory risk practice (Regulatory and Legal Support) in Japan as well as Asia Pacific. More than 25 years of experience in this space, including 20 years in other big 4 firm. 

Relevant Experience

Extensive experience more than 25 years as an industry expert in financial regulations, risk management and other internal control issues for commercial banks, investment banks, asset management companies, insurance companies and pension funds, as well as a verifier on quantitative and qualitative model and internal control validation.

Background and Interests/Professional Affiliations

A member of GIPS Investment Performance Committee of SAAJ. Former Secretary and Board Director of the CFA Society of Japan Inc., a member of GIPS Working Group of JICPA and a member of GIPS Verification / Practitioner Subcommittee. 

Deep knowledge and experience in derivatives for ten years with a Japanese bank - market making, product development, risk management, IT system development and ISDA documentation

A joint Japanese translator of “Measuring Investment Performance” (David Spaulding, McGraw Hill ‘97).

Seiji Kamiya, CFA