Tomomi Takei

Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. Partner

Tomomi Takei

3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,

Marunouchi Nijubashi Building.




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Certified Public Tax Accountant
After working for a business company in Japan, Tomomi Takei joined an accounting firm in Tokyo in 2001, where she offered accounting and tax consulting in structured finance and gave advice on fund formation. Since she joined Tohmatsu Tax Co. (currently Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co.) in 2008, she has engaged in structure examination and tax due diligence regarding corporate acquisition and organizational restructuring in Japan, in addition to consulting upon the introduction of the consolidated tax return filing system and advisory service on organizational restructuring under the system. The scope of her professional services now includes tax compliance, primarily providing Japanese leading companies and their group companies with tax consulting service. 

Co-author, Accounting and Tax Affairs of Vehicles (First Edition), Chuokeizaisha; Co-author, Q&A on Consolidated Tax Return Filing System, Seibunsha; Co-author, Q&A on Legal, Accounting and Tax Affairs of Group Companies, Q&A on Accounting Practice by Sector 15: Trust, Chuokeizaisha; Co-author, Q&A on Group Aggregation System, Seibun sha

Tomomi Takei