Accounting and Reporting Advisory

Enhancing confidence in the accounting decisions made by finance leaders through proactive, practical, and business-oriented insights

Regulatory, technological, and business complexities are driving finance and accounting teams to re-evaluate their accounting policies, processes, controls, and systems. Do you have an advisor you can trust to stay ahead of the game?

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Accounting and Reporting Advisory services

Staying ahead of new financial reporting requirements can be difficult—particularly for companies that do not have in-house resources to address complex accounting and disclosure matters. The complex accounting decisions organizations make can have a profound impact on how they are evaluated by stakeholders—and their overall financial stability.

To enhance confidence in the accounting decisions made by Finance leaders, Deloitte provides a pragmatic, business-oriented approach that considers the holistic impact to stakeholders and the organization.


New accounting standards implementations

Assurance services which address risks and improve reporting capabilities, as well as help you adopt and maintain compliance with the new accounting requirements.

From assessing business impacts on operations and financial statements to changes in accounting policy, Deloitte can assist you with your implementation roadmap.

Key support areas include:

  • Financial instrument accounting assurance (IFRS 9/ASC 326)
  • Lease accounting assurance (IFRS 16/ASC 842)
  • Revenue recognition assurance (IFRS 15/ASC 606)
  • Insurance accounting assurance (IFRS 17)


On-call advisory services

Assurance services providing access to the depth and breadth of Deloitte's technical professionals to assist with addressing the complex US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) accounting issues. Services are on an “on-call” basis, making them flexible and scalable, and include:

  • Accounting events
  • Strategic transactions
  • New accounting standards implementation
  • Financial reporting


GAAP conversion

Assurance services that help businesses assess the impact of adopting new reporting frameworks on financial statements.

Key assistance areas include:

  • Financial statement impact assessment
  • Development of methodological framework for adoption of, or transition from, different reporting frameworks
  • Implementation of information systems


Technical assurance, remediation, and compliance

Assurance services that assist with addressing complex accounting issues and includes services such as white paper development to support accounting policy changes, benchmarking of financial reporting against peer groups, and opinions on accounting positions.


Managed services and sourcing

Deloitte’s managed services and sourcing allows you to supplement short- and long-term finance talent resources within accounting teams, with Deloitte acting as a third-party service provider for management.