Legal Technology


Legal Technology

Technology has transformed the way legal services are delivered.

Proven and emerging digital tools have the capability to help teams:

  • Provide greater cross-border consistency and transparency than ever before
  • Mitigate risk with greater efficiency and reliability
  • Accomplish more with less
  • Automate routine and repetitive tasks
  • Free up the team for strategic priorities

However, the technology revolution has happened so rapidly that many in-house legal teams are challenged to keep pace.


Deloitte Legal is here to help general counsels and their teams catch up and assemble a technology stack that works for them—tuned to their people and their goals.

We can help you:

  • Understand what’s out there. We help clients see the big picture—and understand the critical small details, such as which platforms may interlock for greater capabilities or overlap redundantly.
  • Understand what’s right for each client. The right technology stack is unique to each organization depending on its current state and its goals. We work with each client to develop a bespoke, detailed roadmap.
  • Design and build. With a deep understanding of the tools that can support our clients’ goals, we have the technical capabilities to help design and implement a legal technology architecture that can deliver enterprise-wide value.



Our technology solutions:


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